DC Men’s Pure Shoes

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DC Men’s Pure Shoes

Heavy duty metal grommets Foam padded tongue and entry for added protection and cushioning. Top vents for greater breathability. Vulcanized construction for better board feel, more side grip and more flex.

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DC Shoes
DC Shoes, Pure, skateboarding


Pure, DC Shoes

DC Shoes, Pure

DC Shoes, Pure




DC Shoes, Pure
Weight 462.66 kg
Dimensions 2.54 × 2.54 × 2.54 cm
Product dimensions

‎ 2.54 x 2.54 x 2.54 cm; 462.66 Grams

Date First Available

‎ 1 September 2023



Item Model Number

‎ 300660-LPB


‎ Men's



5 reviews for DC Men’s Pure Shoes

  1. Moose

    Best skate shoes ever
    I’m a die hard DC fan. Everyone always gave me crap about DC’s growing up because Ertnies or Osiris was better. Blah blah blah. But to the nay sayers I say don’t knock it until you try it!Ive worn many different kinds of skate shoes and these are just top notch in my opinion for what it’s worth.The color selection is probably one of the best because they understand not everyone needs or wants leopard print and funky styles. They keep it classic but still offer some fun unique limited edition styles.As far as quality goes, I’ve been able to milk these for well over a year. And by then, the only reason I’ve needed to replace them is because the inside sole was thin and I have a problem just replacing slip in soles. That’s my prerogative though. You could easily do that if that’s your thing. What I will say is these bad boys last and have outstanding quality. Naturally if you were to skate in them, their life would probably be cut in half but let’s face it. I’m much farther along in life than I’d like to admit so needless to say the only wear and tear they see is where these feet walk.Anywho, buy them or not. At least they’ve got my business.

  2. Britto Thomas

    Not perfect
    So I bought 2 shoes … one white and one black. The white fits like a glove and it has no issues. However the black, says it’s the correct size on the label, but feels like my toes are jamming. I am not sure if it’s a manufacturing defect or if it’s a labeling defect… I am also unsure if I can return them as I have used it once.

  3. Drew C.

    The only shoe I’ll ever wear.
    I’ve been wearing DCs since middle school (I’m 30 now), so was comfortable with ordering mine online, because I know that they run a little small (about a 1/2 size, I think, but don’t quote me on that). I’d recommend going to a local store and trying them on before ordering online if you’re not familiar with them. Just keep in mind: It is a shoe designed for skateboarding, so there’s a huge amount of padding and cushion to absorb impact and provide support.That being said – I LOVE THESE SHOES!As soon as they come out of the box, its like they’re already broken-in. They are so comfortable, it’s stupid. They’re great for skating, walking, or just every day wear. I love the jet black color without all of the ridiculous patterns and colors. Since I work an office job, my attire has to be more or less business casual, and I always get asked by my co-workers where I got my shoes because they look so clean and comfortable. Its awesome that I can skate in the same shoes that I work in! They’re perfect for work or play. Keep up the good work, DC.

  4. Randy

    Great shoe!
    Wasn’t the most comfortable for the first few days, but now they are the comfortable shoes I go to first!

  5. ClintG

    Love these shoes, size is right but it pinches at the toe when walking
    So usually I am a size 11 in DC, DVS, Globe, Emerica, etc but lately I’ve been needing to order a .5 size up.I ordered an 11 in these shoes a while ago and they were just a bit too tight at the big toe. I returned them and a few months later got a size 11.5 and unfortunately they are uncomfortable to walk in.When sitting or standing, they feel just great, perfect amount of room. But when I walk, I feel like it’s pinching in my big toe and the side ball. Like if I had ridiculously ugly feet or a huge hammer toe, that might be expected. But I don’t. None of my other shoes give me this problem. So rather than walk in pain, I decided to just return them for a refund. Bummer.Another pair of DC’s I recently bought in size 11.5 are perfectly fine and do not bother me when walking. I’d try a size 12 but on Amazon it’s $30 more than the 11.5. I am really disappointed as I really like these shoes in Black/Pirate Black. I don’t know if it’s the shoe design or if I just got a bad pair but either way I am really bummed about it.

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